Product innovation: Pan-Tilt camera in the worker assistance system Smart Klaus

Milestone for manual production:

Optimum GmbH, pioneer in machine vision, is presenting its latest innovation at this year's Motek 2023 in Stuttgart: The Pan-Tilt camera in the worker assistance system Smart Klaus.

The demands in manual assembly are becoming more demanding, and with them the demands on image processing. As workplaces continue to become more dynamic and complex, smart solutions are needed to effectively address these conditions.

The Pan-Tilt camera in the worker assistance system Smart Klaus was designed for this purpose. The intelligent combination of zoom and moveability of the camera enables maximum precision, accuracy and flexibility - even in complex assembly processes.

Innovative features at a glance

  • Automatic swivel function
  • Control of different working areas
  • Maximum detail recognition of smallest features
  • Automated motion sequences

Powerful functions

The motorized pan function of the camera makes it possible to target different areas of the workplace. With just a single camera, a larger work area can now be viewed, interpreted, and inspected.

The zoom function of the Pan-Tilt camera reads even the smallest features such as datamatrix code dots. Features of about 0.3 mm are easily detected and interpreted.

The focus and zoom of the camera can be easily adjusted for each work area ensuring clear and focused images. Based on these shots, the Smart Claus worker assistance system provides real-time, precise guidance and product information.

The predefined workflows of the Pan-Tilt camera simultaneously ensure a continuous and trouble-free assembly flow. Standard interruptions in production are minimized, resulting in a smooth operation, and increasing the overall efficiency of the manual production.

The introduction of our Pan-Tilt camera in the Smart Clause marks a new milestone in manufacturing technology, says Wolfgang Mahanty, CEO of Optimum GmbH. We strive to take our customers' process quality and efficiency to a new level.

Wolfgang Mahanty, CEO Optimum GmbH.

6 unbeatable arguments for the Pan-Tilt camera

  • Reduced workload: Automated processes reduce workload and allow employees to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Maximum precision: The camera captures even the smallest details, resulting in more precise assembly processes and quality controls.
  • Increase product quality: More precise imaging enables better instructions and minimizes errors, which ensures product quality and increases productivity.
  • Increased efficiency: Automated processes and maximized assembly flow result in significant increases in production speed and efficiency.
  •  Cost reduction: Minimizing interruptions and mix-ups reduces production costs.
  • Competitive advantage: The use of modern technology sets your company apart in the market and strengthens your competitiveness.

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