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Welcome to the world of digitalization

Digitization gives new impetus to the economy. Manufacturing processes are changing, logistics is being rethought and sales and distribution are finding new ways to reach customers. The ever-increasing automation of workflows enables more cost-efficient production and, as a result, increased competitiveness.

Only those who can make a profit will survive on the market in the long term.

Without automation and digitization, this is no longer possible today. Even in domains where human labor is the most efficient way of production due to its specialization or complexity, automation is gaining ground through continuous development. Therefore, manual production must change and take advantage of the opportunities offered by automation. The different strengths of man and machine must be combined so that they complement each other optimally.

OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions GmbH has been automating and digitizing the processes of leading industrial companies since 1993. This experience and expertise is the basis of the multiple award-winning and proven assistance system Smart Klaus.

Expert knowledge becomes digitizable

Smart Klaus is a camera-based cognitive assistance system that combines camera technology and intelligent industrial image processing with database management. Manual manufacturing processes are digitally stored step by step in Smart Klaus. Based on this data, he guides the employees through the production process and simultaneously checks each individual work step: The expert knowledge is thus digitized.

In this way, Smart Klaus integrates manual workstations seamlessly into the digital production of Industry 4.0, making it fit for the future.

More quality, more productivity, more success

Guided by Smart Klaus your employees work more relaxed and error-free. In this way, you increase the quality of your products, the productivity of your employees and the competitiveness of your company.