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Automatic optical inspection
safe, fast and error-free

SK Inspect: Smart Klaus for automatic optical inspection

Smart Klaus SK Inspect checks the quality of your products and displays defects directly on the screen.

  • The inspection and work instructions are digitally stored.
  • The latest inspection and work instructions are always applied and followed.
  • Complaint rate and complaint costs decrease.
  • Inspection times are considerably reduced.
  • The training effort for employees is reduced.

Use case:

"The processes in our company are more economical and the workers are relieved"
Joanna Wilgosiewicz-Beginska, Quality Assurance

At NIRA KSV GmbH, Smart Klaus supports employees in the end-of-line inspection of injection molded assemblies.

The assemblies are simply placed in the camera's field of view and Smart Klaus automatically starts the inspection process. Complicated fixtures and sensors are no longer required.

The inspection results are automatically documented in images and assigned to a batch number. This batch number can be used to prove to the customer that all parts have been 100% inspected.


More use cases


  • Simple teaching of new or modified test instructions
  • Inspection of the test specimen on the basis of visual characteristics
  • Reporting of detected errors
  • Marking of the faulty areas on the screen


  • Automatic documentation of the inspection result
  • Instruction of the operator for complex testing processes
  • Integration of digital measuring tools
  • Marking of the defective spots by laser directly on the test specimen


Technical information

(Illustration contains special accessories)

The assistance system is optionally available with or without a work table. All components can also be easily mounted on existing worktables.

 Image processing computer

Dimensions (l x w x h):550 x 440 x 155 mm
Weight:15 kg
Voltage range:110-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:max. 1,500 W including peripheral devices
Fuse:10 A at 230 V, 16 A at 110 V

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, 3,8 GHz, 8 cores 16 threads

Random access memory:16 GB
Hard disk:2 x 512 GB SSD, configured as RAID 1
Operating system:Windows 10 Professional 2019 LTSC
External Connections:

6 x USB 3.2

2 x USB 3.2 Type-C

2 x USB 2.0

2 x RJ45 GigaBit
4 switched cold device outputs (total max. 1,000 W)



Image resolution:20 MPixel
Frame rate:18 fps at full resolution

Other camera types, up to a resolution of 42 MPixel, are available on request.

Field of view and detection accuracy

The field of view of the camera and the detection accuracy depend on the working distance and the focal length of the lens used. The specified values ​​for the field of vision apply at a working distance of 1,200 mm. The values ​​for the detection accuracy are practical experience, in which Smart Klaus works reliably in a typical industrial environment. The values ​​that can be achieved under optimal environmental conditions are given in parentheses below.

Focal length:16 mm12 mm8,5 mm3.5 mm
Field of view:320 x 240 mm640 x 480 mm960 x 720 mm2,240 x 1,680 mm
Detection accuracy:0.6 mm
(0.06 mm)
1.3 mm
(0.1 mm)
2.0 mm
(0.2 mm)
4.5 mm
(0.4 mm)

Other focal lengths are available on request.


The lighting is prepared for easy attachment to industry-typical aluminum profiles.

Dimensions(l x w x h):1,200 x 800 x 140 mm (without camera adapter)
Weight:15 kg
Power consumtion:70 W
Luminous flux:ca. 7,000 Lumen
Illuminance on the work surface:ca. 2,500 Lux
Light temperature:6.000 K (cold white)



Screen size:21.5 inches
Resolution:1,920 x 1,080 Pixel
Touch-Technologie:Projected capacitive, 10 point multi-touch ( can be operated with gloves)