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Quality assurance in the production process

Fully digital plant chaining

High-end production with 6 SK systems interlinked in a fully digitized system chain.

0 PPM in MedTec

Guided assembly and automatic quality control at Gebr. Schwarz GmbH.

Outgoing goods: Medical cushions

Quality control prior to shipment of goods at Eisele.

Electronics assembly

Automatic quality assurance in the assembly process at Enics.

End-of-line control for EPP components

Automatic end-of-line testing at IZOBLOK.

0 ppm in the automotive industry

Guided assembly assistance at Wielpütz.

Optical identification

Smart Klaus recognizes 1800 different computer chip trays.

Recognize and classify

Smart Klaus recognizes and sorts dishes. Fast and error-free!

Goods receipt: Small industrial components

Optimized incoming goods inspection at Alfons Markert.

Goods receipt: Electronic components

Optimized and time-saving processes at PR Tronik.

Optical inspection: injection molded parts

Quality assurance through automatic optical inspection at Nira.

Board inspection and guided assembly

Automatic quality assurance for PCBs at Ziehl-Abegg.

Pre-assembly: dishwasher panels

Error-free pre-assembly and management of high variant diversity at Miele.

Guided THT placement

At Siemens, Smart Klaus is a key component of a production line.

Assembly: Automotive parts

Guided and digital assembly instructions at Fischer Group.

Pre-assembly of smart pumps at KSB

In-house production made possible with Smart Klaus.

Final assembly: filter component

Quality assurance and assembly assistance at MANN + HUMMEL.
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Advice or request
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