No errors in outgoing goods thanks to optical identification of EPP components

Daily, several thousand EPP components leave the production lines of IZOBLOK GmbH. Before they make their way to the customer for further processing, Martin makes sure that the right parts are in the right transport boxes and correctly labelled. Martin's full concentration is required so that he does not mix up any components.

In the automotive sector, parts are produced for the right and left side of cars, but one by one it is difficult to tell the difference. The increase in vehicle variants increases the complexity of identification even more. Despite manual checks, there were often incorrect labelling and complaints from customers. And Martin was under pressure.

Assistance system as a digital colleague in manufacturing

For some time now, Martin has a digital colleague: Smart Klaus Ident. The optical assistance system supports him end-of-line in identifying EPP components and printing out the corresponding shipping labels. To do this, Martin takes a component from a goods carrier and places it under the camera of the operator assistance system. Smart Klaus checks the visible features and compares the product to the database. If the order and the product match, Smart Klaus gives his OK and Martin starts printing the shipping label.

Assistance system translates manual production into the digital world

Martin's supervisor, Lubomir Ogurcak, head of logistics at IZOBLOK, is highly satisfied because incorrect deliveries are a thing of the past. The error rate has dropped to zero, he summarises the system's performance. He was faced with the challenge of inspecting both the smallest parts of a few centimetres up to very large ones of up to two metres in length via a single system and ensuring the traceability of deliveries. In addition, the automatic inspection also triggers inventory creation. For the communication between the company's own ERP system and the assistance system, a separate interface was programmed in cooperation with the company's IT.

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Customisation of the workplace at IZOBLOK

Light is a key factor in industrial image processing. To find the fine characteristics in the mostly black products and identify them in real time, the standard light intensity was not enough. The additional two LED panels at the top and three at the bottom provide sufficient light and at the same time offer space for the large components.

IZOBLOK has created a win-win situation by retaining Martin's manpower and ensuring quality in an automated way. Digitalisation simplifies the process of identification and booking. The error rate has dropped to zero and complaints are a thing of the past. Martin and Smart Klaus are a good team. "Anyone who can use a smartphone can also operate Smart Klaus," Martin enthuses, for whom the digital colleague is a great relief.