EaaS for worker assistance systems: Optimum makes digitalization accessible for companies of all sizes

Karlsruhe, Deutschland - February, 27th  2024 - Optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH announces the introduction of its new business model, Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) for the worker assistance system Smart Klaus.

With this innovative model, the IT expert becomes a pioneer in the industry and sets new standards for worker assistance systems in manual manufacturing.

With Equipment-as-a-Service, Optimum not only provides its customers with cost-effective access to the high-quality assistance system, but also offers maintenance, training and support services, as major players such as Siemens and Trumpf do.

Businesses need to innovate, especially in difficult economic times. Companies need to digitize to remain competitive, while service providers need to follow the trend towards servicing. For this, Equipment-as-a-Service is the perfect solution, explains Wolfgang Mahanty, Managing Director of Optimum GmbH.

A major advantage is the cost efficiency for customers. Instead of initial investment costs, users now face smaller, regular payments. This significantly improves liquidity and financial flexibility.

With a clear focus on service quality, EaaS offers comprehensive customer service, providing all technical support, maintenance and repair services. This allows customers to focus entirely on their core tasks without having to worry about non-value-adding tasks.

Low monthly costs and increased productivity lead to a positive return on investment in the shortest possible time and an immediate increase in profits.

Thanks to the scalability of the model and the worker assistance system, companies can flexibly adjust their production according to demand, thus responding to fluctuating market changes, while keeping their costs low.

We understand the challenges that companies face, especially in volatile times. With our EaaS model, we make the necessary digitization accessible to all, says Wolfgang Mahanty.

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