Rent Smart Klaus on a trial basis

  • Test now for 3 months in your own production environment
  • Enjoy the benefits of cost allocation


Maximized added value in just 3 months

We understand the importance of safety when finding and implementing that perfect worker assistance system for your manual production. That's why we offer the unique opportunity to test our fully functional system directly in your own production environment for 3 months.

The modular structure of Smart Klaus allows it to be adapted to almost any industrial requirement. With the 3-month test phase, we want to help you find the best possible solution for your production:

Full software license

We provide the full software without performance restrictions. All functions can be tested.

Fast implementation

After set-up, the system is ready for use and boosts your productivity immediately. If you decide to purchase the system, it can simply remain in your production.

Identify your own needs

During the trial phase, you will gain a clearer picture of your production needs and possibilities in order to find the right system.

Low costs

Monthly costs enable transparent and predictable budgeting compared to one-time investments when purchasing.

No financial risk

In the event of dissatisfaction, there are no implementation costs. You bear no risk.

Cost accounting

Half of the rent paid will be deducted from the purchase price when you decide to purchase the system.

We were able to ensure 100% quality assurance in incoming goods and inspection processes have been reduced by a total of 2/3 overall.

Peer Putzig, Head of production
Alfons Markert


This is how you benefit from the rental option

If you opt for the trial rental of the worker assistance system, you get unlimited access to the full version of the software to test all functions in your own production environment. The system can be quickly implemented at your location and is ready for immediate use. Once your variants and assemblies are taught in, your efficiency and productivity will immediately increase, along with your return on investment. If you decide to make a purchase, the system can be seamlessly continued for use.

During the trial phase, specific requirements and untapped potentials of production become even clearer. With this knowledge, the ideal module composition for your worker assistance system can be identified. Additionally, the low monthly costs allow for clear and predictable budgeting compared to larger, one-time investments in purchasing.

The best thing about the 3-month rental model?

No financial risk. You make profits, enhance your competitiveness while keeping costs minimal. If you are not satisfied with the system, implementation costs are waived, eliminating any risk for you. Moreover, if you are convinced by the system, the paid rent will be accounted towards the purchase price. After the rental period expires, you can either purchase the system or benefit from our Equipment-as-a-Service model (SK EaaS).

The rental trial provides you with the opportunity to use the worker assistance system at short notice and without extensive financial upfront investments, all while identifying the optimal solution for your requirements.

In a period of 9 months, we reduced from 1500 PPM to 0 PPM.

Bernhard Dürr, Leanmanager
Gebrüder Schwarz


What we offer

  • ​​​​​​​Perfect-fit worker assistance system: The test system can be precisely tailored to the requirements of your production processes thanks to its modular structure.
  • Fast implementation: Smart Klaus is ready for use quickly, without lengthy implementation phases at the workplace. As soon as the system has been set up, you benefit immediately from the ROI and the advantages.
  • Transparent costs: We offer the worker assistance system at a low monthly cost, allowing you to simultaneously benefit from a direct return on investment while your trial phase.
  • Full service support: Our customer support is there for you to ensure the best possible performance of the Smart Klaus worker assistance system.
  • Industry-specific expertise: The know-how we have gained in the manufacturing industry enables us to offer the right solution for your production. With the various Smart Klaus modules, we can address the specific challenges and needs of your industry.


Scale your production line now

Looking for a worker assistance system at low monthly costs? We got you!

Benefit from the direct return on investment and avoid upfront costs with our smart SK EaaS (Equipment-as-a-Service) model.




And find your perfect-fit

We understand that every company has unique requirements and budgets. Therefore, we offer customized proposals tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and the benefits of the SK EaaS (Equipment-as-a-Service) model.