Busy Lizzie ENG

With the Busy Lizzie, a further development of the Smart Klaus, we have broken new ground. Enabled by our intelligent assistance system it is possible for the first time to automatically sort the dishes of multiple airlines.

The system automatically recognizes the dishes of different airlines in the catering kitchen itself and assigns each part the correct place in the high-bay warehouse of the flight kitchen.

We collaborated with Unitechnik Systems GmbH to realize this project. In the future, we will be pursuing joint marketing strategies and benefit from synergies.

Nowadays every second counts in the logistics of profitable, high-performance airlines. Process optimization is demanded in many areas, and mistakes can hardly be tolerated. Our database-supported image recognition software is currently causing a sensation in the industry. With the help of our assistance system "Busy Lizzie", an adaptation of the "Smart Klaus", the dishes of various airlines in a catering facility are recognized error-free, sorted and stored in the right place in the high-bay warehouse.


Neither its position nor the sequence of the individual pieces of dishes play a role, because the system is based on a sophisticated algorithm and reliably recognizes previously taught-in parts by means of the built-in industrial cameras. The employees on the lines, who previously identified and assigned the dishes manually, are now permanently relieved and guided throughout the entire process. Errors are detected in real time and can be corrected immediately.