Outgoing goods inspection with Smart Klaus

Secured outgoing goods with the Smart Klaus assistance system

Increasing complexity and a high quality standard - does this work together? In outgoing goods: fast delivery times with high quality and satisfied customers as the end result.

This cannot be guaranteed manually! This is where the digital assistance system comes into play: The Smart Klaus.

The camera-based image processing system Smart Klaus shows its strengths along the entire value chain:

  • Incoming goods
  • Optical Identification
  • Assembly
  • Final check
  • Commissioning
  • Outgoing goods

Overload in goods dispatch


Companies are feeling the increasing variety of variants and quality pressure in outgoing goods. The goods do not leave the company with the desired quality. Sometimes an article has been forgotten or parts have manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, the result is unsatisfied customers. 

Companies often lack of proof that the goods have been shipped in the desired quality. Damage then occurred during transport or at the customer's premises in the goods acceptance department.


This is how the outgoing goods inspection works with Smart Klaus


In the outgoing goods department, Smart Klaus guides your employees through the last stage of value creation. For example, a QR code on the goods dispatch delivery note can be used to give the start signal by placing it under the camera of the image processing system. The system reads the code and informs the employee which goods are inspected and in what quantity.


Smart Klaus checks the quality of your goods either by sampling or by full inspection. In the next step, your employee places an article under the camera and the check begins. The assistance system immediately detects faulty goods on the basis of predefined, optically verifiable article characteristics. The employee works hand in hand with the system.


After each inspection, the automatic outgoing goods inspection confirms the inspection result to the employee. If a mistake has been made, Smart Klaus gives an audio-visual signal via monitor and loudspeaker. Your employee corrects, then the next check follows.


The image processing system records all results of the inspection process. If required, a quality report is created in real time in goods issue. This can then be transmitted by e-mail as quality feedback or proof.

Outgoing goods control on the safe side

Legal certainty

Legal certainty

  • By recording the test results, you receive 100% proof of quality.
  • You can easily show your customers that you have sent faultless goods.
High quality standard with the outgoing goods inspection Smart Klaus

High quality standard with the outgoing goods inspection Smart Klaus

  • The processes are made transparent → the right article knowledge is immediately available to your employees in digital form
  • By direct instruction of the employees your processes are completely secured → Zero errors are possible and your customers are satisfied
No long set-up times

No long set-up times

  • The smart Klaus is flexible and product-independent → A change in the range is no problem, changeover work is completely eliminated
  • The outgoing goods inspection Smart Klaus records your entire sales program → Your employees have an overview and always know exactly about the products.

The automatic outgoing goods inspection is used for:

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