Optical identification assistance system Smart Klaus

Optical identification with the Smart Klaus assistance system

This is how the Smart Klaus assistance system ensures a reliable incoming goods inspection

The following applies to modern industry: It has to be fast! Mistakes? Are unwanted! But how can this be guaranteed for thousands of articles?

This cannot be guaranteed manually! This is where the digital assistance system comes into play: The Smart Klaus.

The camera-based image processing system Smart Klaus shows its strengths along the entire value chain:

  • Incoming goods
  • Optical Identification
  • Assembly
  • Final check
  • Commissioning
  • Outgoing goods

The human being is not a machine


The increasing complexity of articles overburdens the employees in the industry. There are many different articles, codes and individual customer requests. The products are quickly confused and errors creep into the entire production chain. 

Further problems are long search times for current article data. Employees do not want to make mistakes; they search in old documents or ask their colleagues. Here valuable time is lost.

Certain articles require expertise that not all of your employees have. Colleagues with specialist knowledge must be consulted for this. Your actual tasks cannot then be completed and time is lost.


This is how the optical identification with the Smart Klaus works


Your employees place the article on the desk under the camera. Within a few seconds the optical identification system recognizes the product. The software compares and checks previously defined features.


The smart Klaus uses the touch monitor to display the result of the optical identification: Article description, article number and a product picture (the data will be adapted on request).

If required, a label printer can also be integrated. After each part recognition, a label with article data is printed out and the product can be stored. The next employee immediately knows which article is involved.


How the optical identification system makes work easier:

Saving of time

Saving of time

  • Automatic and fast recognition of your articles → The detail comparison takes happens within seconds
  • Errors in current and downstream processes disappear→ Long search times for the source of errors are eliminated
  • Rework is no longer necessary


Increase in productivity

Increase in productivity

  • The secure assignment of the goods leads to more efficient work
  • Your employees can process more orders with increasing quality
  • Your employees no longer have to assign the articles manually → Long comparison times are eliminated
  • The optical identification system is easy to use → Long training times are no longer necessary


  • Your employees master the variety of variants because Smart Klaus delivers the available knowledge digitally at the right time.
  • The result is an overview of all article knowledge → This ensures transparent processes

These companies rely on systems for optical part recognition:

Liebherr-International Deutschland GmbH Industry: construction machinery manufacturer

Fast and reliable identification increases productivity

Festo AG & Co. KG Industry: Jewellery industry

Feasibility study for the identification of jewellery

Intelligent solution for optical part recognition?


Long search times and high error rates are now a thing of the past with the Smart Klaus optical identification system. You need support in assigning many different articles and products in your industrial logistics? We are pleased to consult you, contact us today!


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