Final inspection with the Smart Klaus from Optimum GmbH

Digital end-of-Line inspection with the Smart Klaus assistance system

Reduction of long inspection times, avoiding errors, increasing quality assurance, reducing costs - how is that supposed to work at the same time? The following applies in the final inspection: It must be fast. Mistakes? Are unwanted!

This cannot be guaranteed manually! This is where the digital assistance system comes into play: The Smart Klaus.

The camera-based image processing system Smart Klaus shows its strengths along the entire value chain:

  • Incoming goods
  • Optical Identification
  • Assembly
  • Final check
  • Commissioning
  • Outgoing goods

Too many errors and too long process times


The process of final inspection is one of the final quality checks before a product leaves the company. Errors should be discovered here at the latest. Due to the increasing variety of products, too many errors still occur in the final inspection. The result is dissatisfied customers due to a lack of quality.

In addition, there are long testing times. The employees are under pressure and want to avoid mistakes as far as possible. Articles are then checked twice. Often the current article information is not even available. Long search times and a lot of coordination result in a high loss of time.


Fully automatic end-of-Line inspection in 3 steps


The assistance system Smart Klaus recognizes the to be tested components within seconds. In the end-of-Line inspection, the system checks whether the correct articles are installed in the correct position. A digital checklist is processed in the background.


After the check, your employee sees on the monitor whether all relevant components have been marked with a green checkmark, whether a part is missing or even incorrectly positioned. He is directly informed and able to correct the error. Then the process continues with the next assembly.


Every test result can be recorded on request. The result is a complete proof of quality. Damages that were not caused in your added value can easily be turned down.

The assistance system assures you ...

Saving of time

Saving of time

  • Long training periods are no longer necessary → Each of your employees can use the Smart Klaus, extensive training is not necessary.
  • The inspection is carried out in one step: → Manual inspection times and time-consuming reworking are no longer necessary.
Zero errors

Zero errors

  • The assistance system Smart Klaus records and checks all relevant features within seconds → Your processes are fully secured.
  • The employee receives a signal in real time, if there is an error → the process continues only after the correction.
  • Quality responsibility lies with the system. Even if your employee is not concentrated, no more mistakes can happen.
Increase in productivity

Increase in productivity

  • Your final inspection will be faster and safer → With Smart Klaus, more tests can be carried out in less time and in high quality.
  • The simple operation allows the use of each of your employees. Quality inspection is quick and easy.

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Ensure zero defects in your production


You want to save time and still improve your quality? We will be happy to advise you! Automatic end-of-Line inspection with the Smart Klaus assistance system ensures a high quality standard. Contact us now!


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