Paperless order picking with Smart Klaus


Increasing complexity and yet zero errors - can this work at the same time? The following applies in commissioning: fast delivery times for individual customer requirements.

This cannot be guaranteed manually! This is where the digital assistance system comes into play: The Smart Klaus.

The camera-based image processing system Smart Klaus shows its strengths along the entire value chain:

  • Incoming goods
  • Optical Identification
  • Assembly
  • Final check
  • Commissioning
  • Outgoing goods

Increasing complaint rate


Accuracy is essential in order picking. Individual customer requests and fast delivery times demand flexibility. Errors lurk throughout the entire packing process, because packing lists are becoming increasingly complex. Your employees do not have the packing lists in their head and are often overwhelmed. 

You can quickly miscount or pack the wrong article. The result is an increasing rate of complaints. The products then leave your company either faulty or incomplete. And no one wants to afford dissatisfied customers.


This easy can paperless order picking be:


The image processing system Smart Klaus accompanies your employees interactively through the packing process. The touch monitor indicates which item is to be packed and in what quantity. The digital instructions ensure paperless order picking.


During picking, the assistant system checks whether the matching item has been packed in the correct quantity. The check criteria depend on the article: Color, completeness, contour, dimensions or OCR.


A digital checklist is bit by bit ticked off on the touch monitor. If your employee has grabbed the wrong part or miscounted it, the assistance system releases an audio-visual signal. The employee corrects the work step and the process continues.


If desired, all packing results can be logged. This results in complete traceability, which serves as proof of quality and guarantees legal security.

Your benefit with the digital order picking system Smart Klaus:

Batch size 1 is realistic

Batch size 1 is realistic

  • Smart Klaus manages all relevant article data and makes it digitally available to your employees → The high product variance is manageable; your employees have an immediate overview.
  • Individually adapted customer orders are handled very simply → The operator simply follows the new adapted digital instructions
No more complaints

No more complaints

  • Right from the start, the employee packs the right articles → Errors cannot occur in the first place
  • Secured processes and fixed structures ensure zero errors → the current packing list is always available to packers
  • Your customers are satisfied because no more mistakes creep in
More efficient working

More efficient working

  • The packers always know exactly which part is packed in which quantity → Fast and easy processing of packing orders
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act → Incoming orders - Packing process with the Smart Klaus - Inspection by interactive picking assistance - Error-free delivery to the customer

These customers pick paperless

Friedrich Küpper GmbH & Co. KG Industry: Metal processing

Digital order picking ensures transparent processes

Looking for a smart solution for commissioning?

High complaint rates slow down value creation in your company? We show you how digital employee management in the warehouse and in logistics designs smart order picking. Simply fill in the form or call us! We will be happy to advise you.


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