Assembly assistance system Smart Klaus from Optimum GmbH

The assembly assistant system Smart Klaus simplifies your processes

Relieve employees, avoid mistakes, reduce costs - How should this work at the same time? The change in industry brings with it a number of challenges. The following applies: Avoid errors and additional costs.

This cannot be guaranteed manually! This is where the digital assistance system comes into play: The Smart Klaus.

The camera-based image processing system Smart Klaus shows its strengths along the entire value chain:

  • Incoming goods
  • Optical Identification
  • Assembly
  • Final check
  • Commissioning
  • Outgoing goods

Rising pressure and costs


Many sources of error lurk in manual assembly. Often so many different parts are used that the employees cannot keep them all apart. The errors cause increasing additional costs. Even with additional testing processes and extensive training, a high amount of time is required. Nevertheless, errors cannot be 100% avoided.

The employees feel the pressure and don't want to make any mistakes. In the long term, this leads to overload and unhappy employees. The pressure also means that employees are justifiably taking more time. If no more errors should occur, it is necessary to check three times – this is where productivity suffers.


Four steps for error-free assembly with the Smart Klaus


Your employee is guided step by step through the assembly process via the touch monitor. For each component, the mounting system indicates where it is to be installed.


Once the component is assembled, it is tested immediately afterwards: Is the right article installed correctly? The check by the assembly assistance system is carried out within a few seconds. Characteristics such as position, color, contour or dimensions (depending on the article) are decisive.


After the examination, the assistance system provides feedback in real time. If your employee has performed all steps correctly, the system confirms with a motivating smiley. If a mistake has been made, Smart Klaus automatically gives an audio-visual signal. The employee corrects and the process continues.


If required, all test results can be documented. This results in complete traceability, which serves you as 100% proof of quality.

Assembly systems in industry ensure optimized production

Increase in productivity

Increase in productivity

  • Your employees are guided through the process via the monitor and receive feedback in real time after each step → This leads to more efficient work
  • Smart Klaus always supplies the latest digital assembly instructions → Your processes are secure and your employees save long search times.
Reduction of additional costs

Reduction of additional costs

  • With Smart Klaus, a step-by-step test is carried out during the process → You save the process of additional final inspections
  • 0ppm are possible: Errors are avoided directly at the source and do not creep into downstream processes → no delays or costly reworking occurs
Relief of your employees

Relief of your employees

  • Assembly assistance systems such as Smart Klaus take responsibility for the quality results → Your employees feel relieved and safe
  • After every correct test step a cheerful smiley grins at your employees and motivates them to work more efficiently →
  • With Smart Klaus, colleagues are made aware of mistakes they have not previously discovered → this has a learning effect during the work itself

Our customers also rely on error-free assembly with assistance systems

Audi AG Industry: Automotive Industry

Smart Klaus overlooks all variants and causes 0 errors!

Referenz Audi AG

Miele Werk Bürmoos GmbH Industry: White goods

Relaxed employees and assured quality with Smart Klaus

Ziehl-Abegg SE Industry: Electronics industry

Zero defect strategy in electronics assembly: 20% increase in productivity

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Do you inspect a high variety of goods and want them to be detected automatically? We will be happy to advise you! With Smart Klaus, we offer you an Industry 4.0 solution for error-free goods receipt. Furthermore, the Smart Klaus shows his strengths in outgoing goods and logistics. Contact us now and let us show you how beneficious the Smart Klaus can be.


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