The assistance system Smart Klaus secures your processes in the industry 4.0

Assistance systems in production

The following applies to modern industry: It has to be fast! Mistakes? Undesirable! But how can this be guaranteed for thousands of articles?

This cannot be guaranteed manually! This is where the digital assistance system comes into play: the Smart Klaus.

Industrial image processing, database management and the digitization of processes - three fields that the Smart Klaus assistant unites along the entire value chain:

  • Incoming goods
  • Optical Identification
  • Assembly
  • Final check
  • Commissioning
  • Outgoing goods

Operating principle: This is how the smart Klaus works


Smart Klaus guides your employee interactively through the process in firm steps:

  • Digital instructions on the touch monitor
  • Intelligent verification through feature comparison
  • Real-time confirmation and feedback
  • Documentation during the entire process

Teaching-in: This is how smart Klaus trains


The article information is saved into the image processing software: its contour, color, dimension, weight, OCR and much more (up to 30 parameters). Any number of characteristics can be saved in and tested.

Using industrial image processing, Smart Klaus compares the taught-in parameters with the characteristics of the live image in inspection mode.

The big difference to other assistance systems lies in the control. While with other assistance systems the human being still retains the decisive control, the Smart Klaus undertakes this and relieves the employee enormously.

Components: This is how Smart Klaus is structured

Technische Merkmale
  • Basic system: Industry PC and Smart Klaus basic functions
  • Lenses: Camera and Lens
  • Digital Visualization: Touch monitor and Lighting

On customer's request or depending on the choice of module, the following accessories can be integrated:

  • workbench
  • industrial scale
  • backlight
  • label printer
  • Bluetooth caliper and much more

The Smart Klaus brings you added value at various levels:

Increase your productivity:

  • Less returns
  • Less subsequent work
  • Satisfied employees

Time saving through:

  • Real-time feedback to the employee
  • Downstream processes are spared from errors
  • Process transparency: All relevant data is saved for each article
  • Inspection within milliseconds

Error rate towards zero:

  • assurance after each work step
  • Inspection directly at the article
  • Automated instruction for employees

Flexible personnel deployment, because:

  • the employees do not require any specialist knowledge for operation
  • the responsibility for quality lies in the system

Industry examples

The area of application of the intelligent assistance system ranges from aerospace, electronics and automotive industries to metal processing. Your industry is not listed? No problem, the Smart Klaus is flexible and can be used in almost every sector.

Intelligent vision system in the electronics industry

At Ziehl-Abegg, Smart Klaus ensures zero-defect production and a 20% increase in productivity. The THT placement staff is relaxed and can rely on the new digital colleague.

Smart Klaus assists in the assembly of white goods

At the household appliance manufacturer Miele, the camera system guides workers through the assembly process using industrial image processing. The results are time savings, elimination of returns and 100% proof of quality.

Error rate close to zero in tube- and filter technology

At Alfons Markert, the assistance system in incoming goods inspection ensures high quality standards and makes the complexity manageable. Workers are relieved and errors are avoided successfully.


You can find more references here.

Do you need support in one of the areas of incoming goods, identification, assembly, final inspection, commissioning or outgoing goods? Learn more about the modules of the industrial image processing system Smart Klaus.

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