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Smart Klaus 5

The fifth generation of the worker assistance system

After long-standing practical experience, the fifth generation of the innovative Industry 4.0 solution is released - from now on, Smart Klaus is even more powerful and dynamic.

The camera-based smart factory solution guides workers step by step through the most diverse work processes, from manual production to final product inspection (EoL).

With the help of digital work instructions and optical control, completely error-free production becomes possible.

That's new:

  • New and expanded user interface with modular design
  • Additional touch screen for more ergonomics
  • New recipe designer
  • More performance for parallel inspection processes
  • Plug & Play for extensions such as projector or pick-by-light



Modular design for precisely fitting control

The modular design allows to select exactly the right function for each production line. In this way, highly complex tasks can be controlled very easily. The fifth generation of Smart Klaus consists of the following modules:


This is how Smart Klaus works:

Teach-in, instruct, check, log and thus optimize quality.

Easier. Faster. Better.



Smart Klaus 5 convinces all along the line

Simple & safe worker guidance

  • Audiovisual step-by-step instructions
  • Errors are recognised, workers have to correct them
  • No training effort for new employees
  • No programming knowledge required


Digital documentation & optimisation of processes

  • Automatic documentation of all work steps
  • Seamless tracing of quality
  • Automatic production data acquisition (PDA)
  • Centrally stored data is always up-to-date and retrievable

Productivity & profit increase

  • No more additional costs & time-consuming processes
  • No more complaints & 8D reports
  • No more material loss due to errors
  • Increased productivity through flexible staff deployment
  • Reduced training time for new employees
  • Digital & central data collection - analytical insights into the productivity of your production lines (OEE)


No errors & top quality

  • Permanent visual control

One product for many applications

Our worker assistance system is modular so that it can be individually configured for each use case. We offer pre-configured models for typical applications:



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