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Flexible, clever and successful: This is what our customers say about the Smart Klaus

Automotive und Electronics

Smart Klaus as an intelligent image processing system can be used as an interactive assembly workstation. After logging in, the employee receives the individual information on the touch screen or via projection directly on the work surface. For a smooth workflow, the employee places or assembles the components on the designated places. The workstation recognizes the individual steps and checks them for correctness; in case of errors, the employee receives an audio-visual notification and only after the error has been corrected can the assembly be continued. Parallel to quality control, the system documents each individual step in the background.


  • Strongly decreasing quality costs
  • Cognitive ergonomics
  • Relief of your employees
  • Ensuring the QM specifications
  • Test protocol for your customers.

Smart Klaus ensures a 40% increase in productivity for Gebr. Wielpütz GmbH & Co. KG

The assembly processes are error-free and safe!

Gebrüder Wielpütz GmbH & Co. KG has been a supplier to the automotive industry for over 80 years. With the camera-based assembly assistance system Smart Klaus a productivity increase of 40% could be achieved. The employees are relieved by the digital instructions and feel safer. Errors are detected as they arise and can be corrected immediately.

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Smart Klaus ensures zero errors in the electronics assembly

The camera-based assistance system Smart Klaus ensures zero errors at Ziehl-Abegg and increases productivity by 20.

Using the order number, the Smart Klaus now receives all the necessary data from the company's internal database for PCB assembly. The camera-based assistance system guides the employee via monitor, looks over his or her shoulder, follows every step in the work process according to the four-eye principle and confirms when the work process is completed with zero errors. "Communication between human and computer takes place. The human acts, the computer gives the green light if the action was correct. Errors are detected immediately and the employee is immediately requested to correct them. Only then does it continue.", explains Wolfgang Mahanty.

The managing director of OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions has developed the system together with the Optimum team and brought it to series production readiness. He sees in the Smart Klaus an industry 4.0 solution in pure culture. "Smart Klaus knows what's what, knows the complex processes of a production, guides them and checks whether they are carried out correctly.", he outlines the working method. As a specialist for industrial image processing and intelligent database systems, he has equipped the assistance system with interfaces so that it can communicate with other software systems of the customers. These allow for quick integration into the production process and easy data exchange with the systems.

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Aerospace technology

Where complex large parts make inspection difficult, Smart Klaus significantly reduces the inspection time of around 60 hours. When the inspection features are very diverse and extensive, as in this case, the intelligent image processing system can show off its strengths. In addition to the correct shape, size and color, the database-supported software solution also checks buttons, tabs, flaps and labels.


  • Increase accuracy in quality control
  • Reduce shipping and complaint costs
  • Cost and time saving

Smart Klaus ensures quality in the aviation industry

HOSA Aircraftcompletions GmbH checks complex interior linings of helicopters with Smart Klaus and ensures significantly fewer errors.

With Smart Klaus Optimum has installed a quality control system before shipping. Smart Klaus consists especially in this project of seven cameras, so that the required total area is also checked. The HD touch monitor displays all work steps, checks the result via the cameras and reports any defects in the product in real time. This ensures that even unskilled workers can operate the system.


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Household appliances

Also in the field of household appliances, the employees in the plants are faced daily with the challenge of the high variety and complexity of the individual parts to be assembled. Even parts that can only be used specifically for one model must be identified and correctly assembled. More and more companies, even those with a long tradition, are relying on the help of Smart Klaus in their production.


  • Elimination of downstream quality assurance
  • No more returns due to incorrectly assembled articles
  • More relaxed employees, because Smart Klaus looks over their shoulder and points out possible mistakes directly to them
  • Secured process with subsequent documentation

Smart Klaus at Miele: Error-free pre-assembly despite a wide range of variants

The household appliance manufacturer Miele uses the Smart Klaus in the pre-assembly of switch panels for dishwashers. This means that Miele is making far fewer mistakes and has the variety of articles under control.

The camera-based assembly assistance system Smart Klaus offers the following advantages:

  • Elimination of downstream quality assurance
  • No more returns due to incorrectly assembled articles
  • More relaxed employees, because Smart Klaus looks over their shoulders and draws their attention directly to possible mistakes
  • Secured process with subsequent documentation

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