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Smart Klaus

Operator assistance systems for industrial manufacturing

Smart Klaus is a camera-based cognitive operator assistance system for digitizing manual processes in industrial manufacturing.

Its aim is to guide the operator step by step through the process using a digital work instruction and at the same time to check whether each work step has been carried out correctly.

This effectively prevents faulty products from leaving the workplace.

The cognitive properties of Smart Klaus also allow to record key figures and operating data as well as measurement and test results to be recorded and documented together with the images grabbed.

Smart Klaus has a modular design so that it can be configured individually for each use case. We offer pre-configured models for typical use cases:

How does Smart Klaus work?

Smart Klaus uses one or more cameras to observe the work area. The captured images are continuously analyzed by the image processing software - a combination of mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence.

By comparing the images with the taught digital work instruction, Smart Klaus recognizes the work progress and can react depending on the situation, for example by

  • Displaying an error message and requesting correction
  • Displaying a confirmation
  • Documenting the work step
  • Displaying the next work step
  • Displaying the part number of an identified article
  • Control of peripheral devices such as printers, laser projectors, digital signaling devices, etc.
  • Sending data to neighboring IT systems

Your benefits:

  • Top quality through permanent quality control
  • No time or material expenditure for rework, complaints and 8D reports
  • No costs and storage capacity for holding devices
  • Easy creation of digital work instructions without programming knowledge
  • Reduced training effort for new employees, new products, versions and variants
  • Simple worker guidance using pictures or video sequences
  • Automatic operational data collection for each work step
  • Automatic documentation of each work step
  • Reduced costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Satisfied customers and employees
  • Outstanding competitiveness