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Smart Klaus

The camera-based assistance system for manual production

The award-winning camera-based assistance system Smart Klaus accelerates processes in industrial companies, makes them more economical and relieves employees. At the same time, Smart Klaus increases the quality, productivity and satisfaction of customers and employees.

Smart Klaus enables companies to have error-free manufacturing processes that can be seamlessly documented and traced. Smart Klaus guides employees step by step and at the same time ensures that no mistakes occur. Employees can work stress-free and learn new processes quickly and safely, guided by Smart Klaus.

Smart Klaus enables companies to manage complexity economically and in top quality due to increasing customer requirements and a high variety of variants. He thus provides companies with an increase in productivity and a clear competitive advantage.

SK receipt

Smart Klaus for optical incoming goods inspection.

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Automatic identification

Sample inspection according to ISO 2859



Smart Klaus automatically identifies, checks, counts and registers, even without barcodes, QR codes or RFID.

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SK ident

Smart Klaus for automatic optical identification.

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Automatic inspection


Smart Klaus recognizes articles - even without barcodes, QR codes or RFID - and displays the corresponding master data.

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SK assembly

Smart Klaus for worker guidance and quality assurance in manual assembly.

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Error Reporting

Smart Klaus guides the worker on the screen, checks the individual assembly steps and warns in case of assembly errors.

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SK inspect

Smart Klaus for optical final inspection.

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Graphical Defect Display

Smart Klaus checks the quality of your products and points out errors.

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Smart Klaus does it all

Costs for employee training, manual quality assurance, time-consuming troubleshooting and complaint costs are all reduced by Schlaue Klaus while at the same time optimizing processes.

Smart Klaus supports and guides employees and works hand in hand with the assembly assistant. In this way, you can defy the shortage of skilled workers and optimise your production at the same time.

No errors in production, no complaints and traceability, that's what Smart Klaus does.


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