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Smart Klaus Lite

SKL Assembly

The starter kit for worker guidance and quality assurance in THT assembly and manual mounting

Easy Teach-In



Error Reporting

Mounting, assembling and checking in one operation

Smart Klaus Lite SKL Assembly is the younger brother of Smart Klaus SK Assembly, designed for an easy start in digitizing your manual THT assembly and / or mounting. It is optimised for use at manual workstations where the part carriers are fixed during manufacturing, no user administration with role concept is required and only a few different assemblies are to be produced. There, Smart Klaus Lite SKL Assembly guides the worker step by step on the screen, checks each individual manufacturing step in real time and warns in case of errors.

If required, Smart Klaus SKL Assembly can be upgraded for further requirements, up to the complete functional range of the Smart Klaus SK Assembly.

Smart Klaus Lite SKL Assembly instructs the worker on the screen, checks the individual assembly steps and warns of assembly errors

With the cognitive assembly assistance system Smart Klaus Lite SKL Assembly you produce error-free, relaxed and safe. The test procedure stored in Smart Klaus Lite SKL Assembly serves as an intelligent digital work instruction, which guides the workers step by step through the assembly process.

For this purpose, a camera is mounted above the work area, with the help of which the Smart Klaus Lite SK Assembly monitors the assembly process live. As soon as an assembly step has been carried out correctly, it automatically switches to the next step. In the event of an error, Smart Klaus Lite SK Assembly warns the worker and asks him to correct the error.

In this way it is ensured that the current work instruction is used and observed at all times. Errors due to outdated work instructions or forgotten assembly steps are eliminated.

With the optionally available module Automatic Documentation, all measured values collected during assembly and the camera images of all assembly steps can be automatically archived. Thus, all assembly steps are traceable and the assembly protocol can serve as proof of quality to your customers.


  • Simple teach-in of new or modified assembly instructions
  • Step-by-step instruction of the worker on the screen
  • Optical inspection of each individual assembly step
  • Automatic switching on after successful execution of an assembly step
  • Error message in case of faulty or forgotten assembly steps


  • User administration with role concept
  • Extended task management
  • Automatic position adjustment
  • Automatic documentation of all assembly steps
  • Integration of digital assembly tools
  • Marking of points to be mounted by laser
  • Interface to the company IT for seamless integration into your production control
  • ... and many more →


Technical information

(Illustration contains special accessories)

The assistance system is optionally available with or without a work table. All components can also be easily mounted on existing worktables.

 Image processing computer

Dimensions (l x w x h):112 x 117 x 38 mm
Weight:600 g
Voltage range:110-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:15 W
Processor:Intel i7-10710U, 1.1 GHz, 6 Cores
Random access memory:8 GB
Hard disk:256 GB
Betriebssystem:Windows 10 Professional
External Connections:1 x RJ45 GigaBit
4 x USB 3.2



Image resolution:18.1 MPixel (4,912 x 3,684 Pixel)
Frame rate:21 fps at full resolution

Other camera types, up to a resolution of 42 MPixel, are available on request.

Field of view and detection accuracy

The field of view of the camera and the detection accuracy depend on the working distance and the focal length of the lens used. The specified values ​​for the field of vision apply at a working distance of 1,200 mm. The values ​​for the detection accuracy are practical experience, in which Smart Klaus works reliably in a typical industrial environment. The values ​​that can be achieved under optimal environmental conditions are given in parentheses below.

Focal length:16 mm12 mm8,5 mm3.5 mm
Field of view:320 x 240 mm640 x 480 mm960 x 720 mm2,240 x 1,680 mm
Detection accuracy:0.6 mm
(0.06 mm)
1.3 mm
(0.1 mm)
2.0 mm
(0.2 mm)
4.5 mm
(0.4 mm)

Other focal lengths are available on request.


The lighting is prepared for easy attachment to industry-typical aluminum profiles.

Dimensions(l x w x h):1,200 x 800 x 140 mm (without camera adapter)
Weight:15 kg
Power consumtion:70 W
Luminous flux:ca. 7,000 Lumen
Illuminance on the work surface:ca. 2,500 Lux
Light temperature:6.000 K (cold white)