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Digitization on the Shopfloor

Those who do not want to be left behind by digitisation must invest in intelligent solutions at an early stage. Optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH has developed a camera-supported assistance system called Smart Klaus, which represents the solution for the industry of tomorrow at the interface between man and machine.

The smart colleague for the workplace of the future

Smart Klaus is considered a trend-setting development for the workplace design of the future and has already won several industry prizes and awards. The combination of image processing and database management controls and supports complex industrial processes. The system guides employees, accompanies them through their tasks and ensures quality at every step of the process. Thanks to the security gained, employees work in a more relaxed, satisfied and faster manner.

Digitalization for a new world of work

The main applications of the system are the optical identification of articles, assembly and final inspection. As part of the production line, the Smart Klaus can be firmly integrated into the workflow and acts as an interface between the digital knowledge database and the employee. The Smart Klaus instructs, checks, confirms and documents:

The different work steps are visualized by means of a touch monitor. Images, text and video explain which step is next and how it is to be carried out.

After each work step the Smart Klaus checks directly on the article whether the component was installed correctly. To do this, he uses high-resolution cameras and a high-performance computer. Whether contour, colour or dimensions, the digital colleague checks all relevant features.

The employee receives feedback in real time. When the process is completed, a happy smiley grins. In case of an error, the Smart Klaus sends an audio-visual signal. This allows the employee to correct the error immediately. Further checks, faulty productions and complaints are no longer necessary.

If desired, all steps can be documented. The documentation provides a complete proof of quality.

Knowing what is - at any time

Smart Klaus is the interface to the digital knowledge of a company. "The system translates analog production into digital data. This means that Smart Klaus uses all work instructions, product data and article characteristics that the company learns or releases to instruct and check manual production processes" explains Wolfgang Mahanty, Managing Director of Optimum GmbH. "He makes these available to the employees in an easily accessible and clear form, thus making processes transparent and optimising workflows".

The entire knowledge of the production process and procedures is stored in Smart Klaus. They are no longer stored on any hard disk and are difficult to retrieve, but are actively integrated into the production process. Optimizations and changes are also easy to make; as is the learning of new data. Thus, all information is available to every employee at any time. This is what we understand by "knowing what is".