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Camera-based cognitive assistance systems
for the digital shopfloor


Design manual processes efficient:

Automatically identify and inspect items in the incoming goods inspection.

Operator guidance, operator assistance and quality assurance in manual assembly
through digital work instructions and in-process automatic optical inspection.

Automatic documentation of all assembly steps with images and inspection results.

Automatic identification, counting and booking of articles in picking.

Automatic optical end-of-line inspection.

Easier ...

Smart Klaus guides the operator step by step through the digital work instruction.
Training times are minimized.


Faster ...

Smart Klaus replaces manual visual inspections.
This saves time.


Better ...

Smart Klaus always tests with constant precision and according to objective criteria.
No test step is forgotten. Errors are reported immediately and can be corrected directly.

Application examples

"Since Smart Klaus has been supporting our workers during assembly, error rates and the number of complaints have dropped significantly."
Peter Sawatzky, Technical Manager

At MANN+HUMMEL International GmbH & Co. KG, Smart Klaus ensures the quality of automotive filters.

Many manual assembly steps are required for the assembly of automotive filters. These are made easier and safer by Smart Klaus.

The need for expensive changing devices with failure-prone sensory components has been significantly reduced. This also shortens setup times.

At the same time, the number of quality checks during the assembly process has been significantly increased. Error messages are output in real time so that the worker can correct them immediately.

The digital work instructions stored in Smart Klaus shorten the training times for new products and new employees. Variant management has also become easier.


More use cases

"We have a time saving of 40% per booking record and work completely error-free."
Stefan Portmann, Managing Director

At PR Tronik Elektronik-Handels GmbH, Smart Klaus optimizes incoming goods processing. Incoming items are automatically identified, booked and relabeled.

Employees are more relaxed and productive because errors and the resulting complaints are eliminated.


More use cases

"Smart Klaus brings me a very good feeling, because I know that the quality of our manual labor is assured."
Hermann Mütsch, Production Manager

At Ziehl Abegg SE, Smart Klaus supports the employees in THT assembly. He guides them and checks the correct placement of electrical components in real time.

The employees work in a more relaxed manner and are 20% more productive as a result.

The direct feedback of Smart Klaus causes a learning effect for the employees, which shortens and simplifies the training.


More use cases