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Quality assurance for electronics manufacturing

Correct faults before they become expensive

Do you know this too?

THT assembly plays an important role for large and mechanically stressed components. High volume – low mix and increasing customer demands and quality requirements make electronics manufacturing more and more difficult. The number of variants and versions is increasing, and batch sizes are decreasing.

The increasing complexity in manual assembly leads to errors that result in rework, rejects, complaints or penalties. In the worst case, the customer looks for a new supplier.

The remedy is to safeguard manual placement with the Smart Klaus SK THT. He looks "over the shoulder" of the employee during assembly and immediately reports if an error has occurred. In this way, assembly errors such as missing or incorrect components, incorrectly polarized components, mix-ups of versions or variants can be corrected before the assembly group travels through the soldering system.

Our solution:

Smart Klaus SK THT observes the assembly process using a camera mounted above the work area. The captured images are analyzed in real time by the Smart Klaus SK THT image processing software. In case of error, it warns the operator and prompts them to take corrective action. Thus, errors are avoided and quality and productivity of manual assembly are improved.

  • No confusion of versions and variants

  • No components with wrong polarity

  • No wrong or missing components

  • Automatic confirmation of error-free assemblies

  • Automatic documentation

  • Operator guidance

  • Reduced training time

  • Integration into production line and production system

We have increased productivity by 20% with Smart Klaus.


Hermann Mütsch
Production Manager
Ziehl-Abegg SE