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Smart Klaus in operation in the automotive sector

Correct mounting errors before they cause costs

Do you know this too?

Increasing customer requirements and quality demands in the automotive sector continue to increase the effort required for quality assurance. At the same time, cost pressure is increasing. Manufacturing should not only become better, but also even faster, more flexible and more efficient.

As a result of the growing demands, errors occur in manual production that result in rework, rejects, complaints or contractual penalties. In the worst case, the customer looks for a new supplier.

The remedy is to safeguard manual manufacturing with  Smart Klaus SK Assembly. He looks "over the shoulder" of the employees during mounting and immediately reports if an error has occurred. In this way, mounting errors such as missing or incorrect components, misplaced components, mix-ups of versions or variants can be corrected before the assembly is further processed or delivered. Automatic documentation makes all assembly steps traceable and serves for quality assurance.

Our solution:

Smart Klaus SK Assembly observes the mounting process using a camera placed above the work area. The captured images are analyzed in real time by the Smart Klaus SK Assembly image processing software. In case of error, it warns the operators and prompts them to take corrective action. Thus, errors are avoided and quality and productivity of manual production are improved.

  • No confusion of versions and variants

  • No incorrectly mounted components

  • No wrong or missing components

  • Automatic confirmation of error-free assemblies

  • Automatic documentation of all mounting steps

  • Operator guidance

  • Reduced training time

  • Integration into production line and production system

Smart Klaus helps me to be more concentrated and much more relaxed. Because it tells me exactly what I have to do. Errors are displayed directly so that I can correct them and continue the process.

Daniel Maag, production worker

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Senior Consultant Automotive

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