Projector and pick-to-light function facilitate work for staff and increase productivity

Our area of expertise is in making manual workstations as easy and convenient as possible so that the assembly process is not only free of errors but can also be performed by any worker. The new features in Smart Klaus THT's assistance system makes this goal a step closer.

Projector enables parallel work

The camera and laser components safely guide workers through the assembly process. The laser indicates the placement position and the camera records the current work step in real time and checks whether the right component has been mounted correctly. If everything is fine, the laser will then indicate the next placement position. Meanwhile, the monitor at the workstation provides information about the status of all assembly steps. This interaction works superbly for activities that are carried out in sequence – and that is how it is used at many workstations.

In THT manufacture, a soldering frame often has multiple uses, meaning that mounting is carried out in parallel. Accordingly, the laser should guide the worker and indicate multiple positions at the same time. However, this is where a laser has its limitations because the laser mirrors cannot be moved quickly enough.

The solution is a high-performance projector that we have now equipped the Smart Klaus THT assistance system with. It transmits the defined position frames onto the work surface and therefore indicates the correct mounting positions for every use. The worker can decide for themselves the order in which to install components. They are then guided on to the next step in the usual way.

For more effective guidance, it is now also possible to set markers in different colours. Moreover, the work instructions can be projected in a flexible manner, which represents further progress in simple operation and work ergonomics. And, best of all, using the projector means that Smart Klaus THT performs more effectively but isn't more expensive than a laser.

Pick-by-light – assembly couldn't be simpler

To ensure that the assembly process is not only free of errors but can also be performed by any worker, it needs to be as easy and convenient as possible. This is key when teaching untrained workers, overcoming language barriers or seamlessly integrating people with disabilities into the production process.

The pick-by-light function guides workers from manually picking up components to positioning them correctly. It also optimises ergonomics at the workstation because workers can continuously look at the workpiece, rather than having to consult a monitor.

This makes it virtually impossible to mix up parts that have an identical design or geometry. This is also true of components with a marking on the side that cannot be read by a camera.
These were reasons enough for us to equip the Smart Klaus THT assistance system with the pick-to-light function.