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Automatic Documentation

Smart Klaus logs all work steps and creates a protocol as proof of quality

Benefits of automatic documentation with Smart Klaus:

Proof of quality

The documentation is a proof of quality to your customers. You can easily and without additional effort prove that you have checked your products perfectly and shipped them correctly. Prove to your customers that you have not made any mistakes.

Process optimization

With the documentation you discover where errors frequently occur in the process. With this knowledge you can quickly identify and eliminate sources of error and optimize your production processes.

No unnecessary time loss

In the future, you will no longer need to schedule resources for documentation. This is done parallel to the assembly or inspection process and completely digitally. The operator can carry out his work undisturbed.

Better service

You can make the data of your quality documentation available to your customers as a digital inspection record. This saves your customer from having to carry out the incoming goods inspection, because you have already carried out the inspection.

The inspection protocol of Smart Klaus - automatic and digital

Smart Klaus documents the following data, for example:

  • The test result: Is there an error or is everything correct?
  • The test position: Which area was inspected?
  • The test item: Which item was inspected?
  • The inspection date: When was the inspection carried out?
  • An optional comment
  • The corresponding image

Upon request, we will adapt the digital test report to your needs.