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Become a dealer for Smart Klaus

Your benefit of a cooperation

Market potential

The first Smart Klaus was put into operation in October 2016. By the end of 2021, the number of assistance systems delivered has increased to over 350 worldwide. For 2022, we expect a further significant increase in deliveries - among other things due to the expansion of our dealer network.

The majority of the systems are currently being delivered to customers in Germany. Smart Klaus is also already in productive use in the USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland. There are hundreds of thousands of manual workstations worldwide that can benefit from Smart Klaus. Because exactly where robots and collaborative robotics are uneconomical or not applicable due to too high investments or too complex gripping situations, your customer benefits from the Smart Klaus. The market potential is constantly increasing due to the ongoing development of the assistance system.

Market readiness

Although Smart Klaus is a new and innovative product, it has already proven its suitability for industrial use. This is shown by the increasing number of repeat orders and the satisfaction of our existing customers, who use the advantages of the Smart Klaus in their daily production. By using the Smart Klaus, our customers gain a decisive competitive advantage: more quality, more productivity and relaxed working conditions.

For your target group it is important to know that ...

  • A technical solution such as Smart Klaus exists on the market and can be used to solve many of the everyday problems in manual production.
  • The assistance system Smart Klaus has already proven itself in practice and satisfied more than 100 customers.

How the partnership pays off

We focus on fairness and transparency. We offer our dealers other sources of income in addition to the discounted assistance systems:

  • Consulting and project planning by the dealer
  • Maintenance and service by the dealer
  • Adjustment of test procedures to new or modified articles, assemblies and products by the dealer
  • sale of accessories

This is how we support you

  • Training of your employees
  • support by phone, e-mail and remote access
  • provision of brochures
  • Display on our homepage and reciprocal links
  • Provision of customer videos
  • Visit of your potential buyers to reference customers

This is what our dealers say

"Smart Klaus means to digitize human labor, not replace it. The worker is perfectly integrated into Industry 4.0."

Dr. Axel Saleck,
Managing Director,
Saleck Consulting GmbH

"A system like Smart Klaus never existed before. The assistance system is innovative and has proven itself in practice at the same time."

John Johnson,
Managing Director,
Electronic Assembly Products Ltd.

"Smart Klaus' software no longer needs to be adapted. The complete digital solution makes it very easy for decision makers and workers".

Hugo Waibel,
Managing Director,
HW Technologies