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Curiosity, optimism and pioneering spirit

Optimum is specialized in intelligent image processing that combines digitization, database management and camera technology. The IT expert team from Karlsruhe has been automating and optimizing the processes of leading industrial companies for over 26 years.

In discussions with customers, problems that seemed impossible repeatedly aroused the ambition of the experts. Optimum developed individual solutions for each client, for example in the automotive industry for quality assurance of software for autonomous driving. Each pioneering project led Optimum to new achievements and insights that expanded the possibilities of automatic image recognition and opened up new territory step by step.

In 2009, the founders and managing directors Andreas Felber and Markus Nübling decided to change direction and included the business economist Wolfgang Mahanty in the management. Under the motto "simpler, faster, better", the strategic reorientation led Optimum away from purely individual projects towards the flexible standard solution Smart Klaus. All experiences and knowledge from more than 26 years of successful software development flowed and will flow into the development of this camera-based assistance system for industrial production.

Easier, faster, better...

Today, Optimum is a leading supplier in the field of camera-based assistance systems with the multiple award-winning camera-based assistance system Smart Klaus. Smart Klaus accelerates the processes in industrial companies, makes them more economical and relieves the employees. At the same time it increases quality, productivity and satisfaction of customers and employees.

The camera-based assistance system Smart Klaus enables companies to achieve error-free production processes that can be documented and tracked without any gaps. Clever Klaus guides employees step by step and at the same time ensures that no errors occur. Employees can work without stress and learn new processes quickly and safely, guided by Smart Klaus.

Smart Klaus enables companies to manage the complexity caused by increasing customer requirements and a high number of variants economically and in top quality. He thus provides companies with an increase in productivity and a clear competitive advantage.

Milestones in the history of the company

September 1993: Establishment of the company

Foundation of the company as "Optimum Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik mbH" with headquarters in Remseck am Neckar.


January 1998: Foundation of the location in Karlsruhe

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Karlsruhe wird zum Standort der individuellen Software-Entwicklung.


June 2003: The company headquarters is moved to Karlsruhe

In the meantime, the focus of business activity is on individual software development. Therefore the management and the company headquarters are moved there.

At the same time the company name is changed to "Optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH".

September 2019: Move to new premises

The office in Hirschstrasse has become too small. Therefore we have moved to larger premises in Neureuter Straße 37a.